Markdown Here

Markdown Here: Splitting the Firefox and Thunderbird Extension

[This started as notes to myself to help clarify the problem and solution. It’s probably more suited to a Github issue than a blog post, and it may get copied into one.] # The story so far The Firefox and Thunderbird versions of Markdown Here both used nearly the same code – an old-style XUL extension. Tb is only capable of using a XUL extension, while Fx supports at least three extension types: XUL-based, Add-on SDK (aka Jetpack, aka jpm), and WebExtensions.

Why and How to Use a Contributor License Agreement

## Background and Motivation I received a pull request for Markdown Here that was great: it found a bug, fixed it, and included tests for the fix. However, the PR submitter didn’t write the tests using the existing framework, so I figured I’d massage his test code into the proper form. And then I noticed that he included a copyright line in the test file. It says “MIT License”, which is the license used for the rest of the project, but that got me thinking about what that might mean…

Safari Extensions Gallery: half-baked

Trying to get Markdown Here listed in the Safari Extensions Gallery is by far the worst browser extension “store” experience I’ve had so far. Shockingly bad. ## No hosting First of all, but least of all: There’s no hosting. Unlike the Chrome and Mozilla stores, the Safari store doesn’t host the extension for you – it’s really more of a listing of links to wherever you host your extension files.

No One Knows to Click on a Page Action

Page actions – the buttons in a browser’s address bar – are a surprising UI failure. When adding a button for a browser extension, a choice must be made whether to make it a “page action” or a “browser action” (button on the toolbar). But browsers have failed to communicate the interactiveness of page actions, and almost no one – techy or layman – realizes that they’re clickable. To complement the context menu item and hotkey, and to fulfil a user feature request, I decided to add a button to the Markdown Here browser extension.